Al Fahidi Neighbourhood

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Roam with the providers of virtual tours remotely through live broadcasting systems while you are at home and from any country in the world with a good internet connection. Tell me what you want to visit in Al Fahida Historical Neighborhood in Dubai. Contact me visually and audioly and talk to the people around the area


In the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood, the traditional lifestyle that prevailed in Dubai from the mid-nineteenth century until the seventies of the twentieth century coexisted, where the buildings - with towering towers, built with traditional building materials of coral stone, stucco, teak, chendwood, fronds and palm trunks - They are automatically compacted, separated by alleys, skies, and public squares, which give the neighborhood a natural aesthetic diversity. The neighborhood - by virtue of its strategic location on the Dubai Creek - played an important role in managing Dubai and regulating its commercial relations across the seas, and the neighborhood is still adjacent to the Court of His Highness the Ruler of Dubai.

The neighborhood’s buildings are currently used to host many diverse cultural and artistic activities (public and private) such as art galleries, specialized museums, cultural and artistic associations, artists’ ceremonies, and cultural centers (such as the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Center for Cultural Interaction). Among the seasonal cultural and artistic events, such as the “Sikka Art Fair,” “The Resident Artist Program,” “Heritage Week,” National Day activities and religious events. Cafés, restaurants and inns with a picturesque and comfortable heritage are distributed in the neighborhood.

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Your visit to Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood is a valuable opportunity to get acquainted with the traditional social lifestyle - which was prevalent in Dubai - with its rich value inventory that can be discerned from the design and distribution of the neighborhood's buildings, where - for example - the community's interest in privacy represented in the lack of The openings of the external buildings, their narrowness and their height, as well as the zigzags and twists of the lanes and alleys, as well as the unanimity in directing all the buildings of the neighborhood towards the southwest to be oriented towards the direction of prayer, in addition to many values ​​and contents that you will be able to discover on your own when you visit the neighborhood.


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